Household Items That Also Make Great Beauty Products

Whether you're running low on funds or you just want to explore more natural beauty products, it turns out there's an entire beauty department that's right inside your home! In fact, you most likely already have plenty of household products that are completely safe to use on your skin, hair, and nails. 

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The Hair Coloring Mistakes You Keep Making

Nothing makes you feel more fabulous than coming out of the salon with freshly colored hair—and nothing can make you feel worse than coming out of the salon in tears because you're not happy with your new do. If you're currently still reeling from your last hair coloring appointment and wondering where it all went wrong, you may be making the following four biggest hair coloring mistakes. 

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8 Beauty Treatments to Do Before Your Wedding—And When to Get Them Done

When you're about to walk down that aisle in the most expensive dress you've ever put on, you want to be sure that you're feeling gorgeous from head to toe. Before your wedding day, it's important to take time for yourself and schedule some beauty treatments so that you're looking and feeling like your most glamorous self before you say "I do." Here are eight beauty treatments to get done before your wedding and when to schedule them before the big day. 

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What is an Image Consultant?

When you have a big important life step coming up, whether it's your wedding, going away to college, starting a new business, or getting back out into the dating game after several years, you might want to consider hiring an image consultant before this big life change. 

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6 Self-Care Ideas for Men

Women spend considerable more time doing self-care activities like getting a pedicure, scheduling a regular hair cut and color, or soaking in a big bubble bath, but for some reason men are hesitant to do this for themselves. However, we argue that a regular self-care routine is a good idea for men and women as it can help with stress, mental health, and can increase your levels of happiness. 

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5 Occasions to Give You an Excuse to Throw a Spa Party

There's nothing like a day of hitting the spa. What's the only thing that's better? A spa day with all of your closest gal pals. Not only are you getting a much-needed chance to relax, but you'll also have a great bonding experience with your closest friends. 

A spa day feels celebratory and it's guaranteed to be a hit with all your friends (who doesn't love a facial and a massage?). 

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Jamie Birdwell-Branson
4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Do Your Wedding Makeup

There's nothing more beautiful than a bride. In addition to the natural glow of being in love, brides strategically plan out their beauty look for their big day—making them look flawless. Not only do they want to look picture perfect for their photographer, but they also want to look perfect for their future spouse. 

If you're engaged and are starting to think about makeup looks for your wedding day, you should consider hiring a professional to do your wedding makeup. 

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