3 Hairstyle Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Gone are the days where every bride is expected to have the same updo when they walk down the aisle. Now, just like every other part of the modern wedding, brides are choosing bridal hair looks that show their personality—and sometimes they even decide to ditch that traditional veil!

If you're getting married soon and are starting to think about your wedding day hair, you're going to need a little bit of inspiration to choose your wedding day look. 

Here are a few gorgeous hairstyle ideas we're loving at the moment. 

Bridal Hair that Incorporates Natural Elements

A bride with flowers in her hair

A bride with flowers in her hair

There's something about incorporating natural elements like greenery or flowers into your wedding day hair. It gives your hair a bit of a whimsical aesthetic and makes you look a bit like a gorgeous woodland fairy (just us?). 

This kind of look is best for brides who are going for a rustic, natural vibe as opposed to a bride who wants her look to be super formal and sleek. We think this look would pair best with a lacy, vintage-y gown that moves a bit (versus a super form fitting mermaid gown or a classic princess ballgown). 

Loose, Pretty Waves for Your Wedding Day

Bride with loose waves standing next to pink flowers

Bride with loose waves standing next to pink flowers

Not into the mess or the time it takes to create an updo? Instead, consider donning some loose, pretty waves for your wedding day. This look will complement any kind of dress—whether you're wearing a simple sheath or an intricately beaded mermaid gown—and will be suitable in all types of wedding venues. 

A word of caution, however, for this hair style: If you have stick straight hair that doesn't hold curl very well, you might be slightly disappointed at the results. Choose a style that is going to work best for your hair type—and not the other way around. 

Simple Braids for the Bride

A groom kisses a brides cheek

A groom kisses a brides cheek

Braids are so simple, yet have such a classic look for the bride. Style your hair into a side French braid, put your hair up into a crown of braids, or have loose braids on both sides of your hair for perfect, laid-back bridal style. 

Bridal braids can look dressed up or dressed down and will work with any style of dress or wedding that you may have. 

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