4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Do Your Wedding Makeup

A makeup artist applies eyeshadow to a woman

A makeup artist applies eyeshadow to a woman


There's nothing more beautiful than a bride. In addition to the natural glow of being in love, brides strategically plan out their beauty look for their big day—making them look flawless. Not only do they want to look picture perfect for their photographer, but they also want to look perfect for their future spouse. 

If you're engaged and are starting to think about makeup looks for your wedding day, you should consider hiring a professional to do your wedding makeup. 

1. It's So Much Less Stressful

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of two people committing to a lifetime together—but they're also extremely stressful to plan. When you're trying to deal with last-minute changes, ensuring that your priest and florist arrive to the venue on time, and checking to see if your flower girl has taken a nap before the ceremony, adding in one more thing—making sure your makeup is 100% perfect—is often difficult. 

You definitely don't want to let your wedding stress get in the way of creating your perfect bridal makeup look. (This is especially true if you're not exactly a makeup and beauty expert!) 

Trust us: having a pro handle your makeup on your wedding day will be the stress relief that you need. Because something will inevitably go wrong, you definitely don't want that one thing to be your makeup!  

2. A Pro Will Know Exactly What Products Will Last All Night

On your wedding day you're going to be doing a lot of smiling, a lot of kissing, and it's likely you'll shed a few tears while you're walking down the aisle or during the toasts. Your wedding day is (understandably!) emotional and you're going to need the products that will stand up to all of that action. 

Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day will ensure that you'll have all of the best products that will last from the moment you put it on until your grand exit at the end of the evening—and all of the kisses and hugs in between. 

3. It Will Give You a Chance to Relax

On your wedding day you don't get many opportunities to relax and just breathe for a minute. Hiring a professional to do your makeup will force you to sit down, take a moment for yourself, and just enjoy being pampered. 

There's no shame in taking the time to get glam for your wedding ceremony and reception. Hiring a professional makeup artists is a great way to enjoy your day to the fullest. 

4. A Makeup Professional Will Know How to Conceal and Accentuate 

Whether you stayed up late the night before your wedding partying it up with all of your guests, or if you were simply too excited to sleep, you might be in need of some expertly applied concealer on your wedding day. A professional makeup artist will not only know how to conceal any dark circles or blemishes, they will also know how to accentuate your best features, guaranteeing you'll look flawless walking down the aisle. 

Thinking About Hiring a Pro?

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