8 Beauty Treatments to Do Before Your Wedding—And When to Get Them Done

A bride looking at her bouquet

A bride looking at her bouquet

When you're about to walk down that aisle in the most expensive dress you've ever put on, you want to be sure that you're feeling gorgeous from head to toe. Before your wedding day, it's important to take time for yourself and schedule some beauty treatments so that you're looking and feeling like your most glamorous self before you say "I do."

Here are eight beauty treatments to get done before your wedding and when to schedule them before the big day. 

Hair Coloring

Whether you regularly get your hair cut and colored or it's been a while and you need a touch up, your wedding day is a good excuse to get that done. You shouldn't get your hair cut and colored right before your wedding day so that it doesn't have that "freshly cut" look and instead feels more natural. Get this beauty treatment scheduled at least two weeks out before your wedding day. 


There are going to be hundreds of photos taken of you the night of your wedding so of course you want your skin to look youthful, bouncy, and perfect. One of the best ways to get this accomplished is to schedule a facial about two weeks prior to your wedding. You definitely don't want to have a facial a few days before your wedding in case your skin looks a little raw right after the appointment. 


Taking the time to shave before your wedding day is for the birds—schedule a wax instead! Whether it's a bikini, eyebrow, or leg wax, you'll want to get this beauty treatment scheduled at least a week in advance of your wedding just to ensure there is no redness or puffiness before the big day.  


Your photographer is definitely going to want to get in a closeup of you and your sweetheart's rings after the ceremony—so you're going to need a manicure to make it look even better. Schedule a manicure two days before your wedding so that you can get used to any gel nails or French tips that are applied. 


Even if your toes aren't showing underneath your wedding gown, you still want your tootsies to look their best (plus, a pedicure is a great way to relax before the wedding). Go ahead and schedule this service at the same time as your manicure. 

Spray Tan

If you're looking pasty before your wedding day (who honestly has the time to hit the pool when they're planning a wedding?), you might want to consider scheduling a spray tan. However, you don't want to do this right before the wedding just because it takes a bit of time to process and soak in. Schedule your spray tan no later than two days before your wedding. 


Your wedding makeup is one of the most important beauty appointments you'll make before you go to the ceremony space. Because you want your gorgeous makeup to look as impossibly perfect as it can before you walk down the aisle, it's best to schedule your makeup appointment just as close as you can to the ceremony time (no more than four hours before). 

Wedding Hair

Depending on what you've decided to do for your wedding hair, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to complete your look. Make sure you have plenty of time before your ceremony to get this (and your makeup) done, but don't schedule it any later than three to four hours before your wedding. 

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