Everything You Need to Know Before You Go Pastel

A girl with pink hair holds a bouquet of flowers

A girl with pink hair holds a bouquet of flowers

Pastel hair is very hot right now. From celebrities to style-obsessed city dwellers, you're starting to see bright hair color be more accepted everywhere. We are, of course, loving this trend and love to see people expressing their personal style in fun and interesting ways. 

But, here's the truth: pastel hair can be a lot of commitment. If you're dedicated, however, it can be a great look to help you stand out—and it makes every outfit you wear instantly more colorful. 

Thinking about going bright pink (or maybe purple, ice blue, or steely gray) anytime soon? Here's everything you need to know before you dye.

You'll Have to Bleach it Beforehand

In order to achieve a color like pink, blue, or purple, you're going to need to bleach it beforehand for the color to stay—even if your hair is already light. If you skip this all-too-important step, you're not going to be able to achieve the color that you really want. 

This can be a really time-intensive process for those who have dark hair, who may require several lightening sessions to get light enough to apply a pastel color. Keep in mind also that pastels can be applied over balayage highlights or ombré. However, if you want that really vibrant pop of color, your results are going to be best if you take the time to bleach it beforehand.

The Color Doesn't Last That Long

Because colors like pink, purple, or blue don't have as much pigment to them as more vibrant colors, they will fade quicker. Typically, a pastel look will last about four to eight weeks total before needing to be touched up by a professional.

The best way to keep your color looking vibrant is to shampoo your hair less, as this attributes to fading. Instead, use dry shampoo and try to go longer between washing. When you do shampoo, use the coldest water that you can stand and wash with sulfate-free shampoo. It's also best to avoid getting your hair wet when swimming in the ocean or in the pool as chlorine and salt water contributes to quick fading.

How Do I Get Rid of the Color?

If you've experimented with color and you want to move onto another look, you can use dye lifters to get rid of it, but it's best to consult with a stylist to figure out what the best tactic is to get your hair looking how you want.

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