The Hair Coloring Mistakes You Keep Making

A girl with long blonde hair 

A girl with long blonde hair 

Nothing makes you feel more fabulous than coming out of the salon with freshly colored hair—and nothing can make you feel worse than coming out of the salon in tears because you're not happy with your new do. 

If you're currently still reeling from your last hair coloring appointment and wondering where it all went wrong, you may be making the following four biggest hair coloring mistakes. 

You're Going Too Dark to Cover Gray

While it might seem like common sense that you should dye your hair dark to hide all those grays that are sneaking their way in, this is actually a mistake. Unless your hair is naturally very dark, going a shade darker than what your natural hair is actually ends up making you look older! (Who knew?)

Your Highlights are Stuck in the 1990s

Remember the 1990s? There was a lot of spandex, boy bands, choker necklaces, and chunky blonde highlights for men and women. If you're still requesting these chunky highlights and not embracing the more natural look of balayage, you're definitely not doing your hair any favors. Ditch the chunky highlights, but keep the chokers and the boy bands of the 1990s. 

You're Not Using Purple Shampoo

So this isn't a mistake that you can make at the salon, but not using purple shampoo on color blonde chemically treated hair can give it that copper-y, warm look that most people don't exactly love. To avoid making your hair look too orange, use a purple shampoo, which contains a purple (cool) pigment that will cancel out any warmth your hair may incur between services, once a week. 

Your Expectations Aren't Realistic

Everyone has seen pictures on Instagram or in a magazine of hair that they are in love with. But just because you love the look of it on a model doesn't necessarily mean it's going to look great on your head with your hair follicles. Everyone's hair is just a little bit different—and you've got to more or less work with what you've got. If you've got really dark hair, it's going to take a lot of time, money, and effort to make you a blonde (and the results may not be what you're expecting). 

Work with your stylist to ask for her recommendations on what would look best on you. 

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