How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

A girl with short red hair and a blue top looks at the camera.

A girl with short red hair and a blue top looks at the camera.

A pixie cut is an adorable and sassy hair cut that can be a great way to shake up your look, but it can also be a lot to take care of on a daily basis (who knew that short hair was more work?). Whether you’re just tired of the look or you are wanting to grow your hair out for a special occasion like prom, a wedding, or another special event, it’s important to know exactly how to grow out your pixie hair cut so that it doesn’t end up driving you crazy in the process—and go back to the salon to get it cut again.

Here are a few tips on growing out your pixie cut and how to achieve the long locks of your short-haired dreams.

1. Know That There Will be Awkward

One of the things you’ll have to embrace, you pixie headed gal, is that there will be periods of awkward growth. It may well look like you are sporting a bowl cut for a bit or that you are starting to grow the beginnings of a mullet—but with a few styling tools and some product, you’ll be looking like your old self before long.

2. Bobby Pins are Your New Best Friend

During those periods of awkward growth or bad hair days, you can’t just throw your hair up into a ponytail and call it a day. Instead, use bobby pins to pin back any weird cowlicks or twist individual pieces and pin them to the crown of your head to create a more cohesive look. You can also braid some front pieces of your hair and pin them back to create another easy and pretty hairdo.

3. Add Some Accessories

When you grow out a pixie hair cut, the best thing to do is to just accessorize. Buy up a bunch of headbands, scarves, and interesting clips to decorate your hair—anything that detracts attention from your awkward and uneven hair growth is a win.

4. Use Products

You may not have used many products while your hair was in prime Pixie mode, but when you’re growing it out a good product can make a huge difference between a bad hair day and an epic one. Use some volumizing mousse if you have naturally wavy hair to lean into those curls or use a moisturizing oil to add some shine and make it easier to comb the way you want it. You can also use product to slick your hair straight back—which looks pretty amazing when you have short hair.

5. Be Patient—and Work with Your Stylist

Above all, when you’re trying to grow out a Pixie cut, the most important thing to have is a lot of patience. Whether you’re growing your hair out 5 inches or 10, it’s going to take a little while, so putting on your patience pants is a necessity.

And although it might seem counterintuitive, one of the best things you can do while growing out your Pixie cut is to get your hair trimmed regularly so that you can consult with your stylist on tips for growing it out. Depending on what stage you are in growing it out, she can add in some layers or help you even things up so that it looks a little less awkward.

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