How to Strengthen Your Nails

A woman painting her nails pink

A woman painting her nails pink

Chipped a nail lately or become underwhelmed by the look of your natural nails? You may want to take a step back and evaluate your beauty routine to figure out if there's something missing, or if there's more you can do to help your nails be strong, long, and beautiful. 

There is so much that we encounter on a daily basis that can wreak havoc on the health and wellbeing of your nails. Here's a few tips on how to avoid the biggest nail faux pas and how to strengthen your nails in between trips to the salon

1. Drink TONS of Water

Every beauty blog will preach to you the importance of drinking plenty of water, but there's a reason: Hydration makes your skin, hair, and nails look gorgeous. While we're talking about health habits, eating a balanced diet will go a long way to making your nails look beautiful as well. 

2. Limit Your Nail Exposure to Water

We want you to drink more water, but when it comes to your nails: keep them on dry land as much as possible. This means putting gloves on when you do the dishes or scrub the bathtub and avoiding soaking them to much when you decide to take a nice, long bubble bath. 

3. Keep Your Nails Moisturized

You may moisturize your face and your whole body when you get out of the shower, but don't forget about your hands and nails! When your hands and nails aren't properly moisturized, problems like hangnails or dry skin around the nails can become worse so it's important to keep those babies nice and soft. 

In addition to a hand moisturizer, invest in a good cuticle cream that will specifically target your nails and keep them soft. 

4. Don't Use Your Nails As a Pair of Pliers

Whether it's a soda can or prying off a thumbtack from the wall, try not to use your nails to dig in there. Instead, use a tool, a knife, a pair of pliers, or a willing friend that will help you. Using your nails as a tool will weaken them and contribute to breakage. 

5. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

You may need the heavy duty cleaning supplies to tackle the kitchen counters or to get rid of the soap scum in the bathroom, but they are a little too harsh for your nails. Use rubber gloves whenever possible—or try natural cleaning ingredients like baking soda or vinegar. 

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