What is an Image Consultant?

A woman being groomed with several different products and tools at once

A woman being groomed with several different products and tools at once

We hear a lot about image nowadays, particularly with the widespread usage of social media. Whether you want to or not, we are constantly thinking about our own (as well as others') image and how we portray ourselves to the world. Even if you're a person who has decided that you "don't care" about your image—that's still creating an image to the world. 

But what happens when you're not so sure about your image? When you have a big important life step coming up, whether it's your wedding, going away to college, starting a new business, or getting back out into the dating game after several years, you might want to consider hiring an image consultant before this big life change. 

So what exactly is an image consultant? Let's go over what an image consultant is, what they do, and how they can help you specifically. 

What an Image Consultant Is

An image consultant is someone who helps a client improve their personal image for a personal or professional reason. An image consultant is not someone who is hired to put you down about your physical appearance, but us hired to help you build your confidence and improve your look. 

What an Image Consultant Does

At Francesca Guerrera Salon & Spa, our image consultant team will assess your body type, skin tone, and style and make recommendations for your beauty regimen. Our experts will also work alongside you to create a wardrobe that highlights your best features. More than simply choosing for you, your consultant will introduce you to a wealth of options that will help you to develop your own look.

An image consultant also empowers clients to reflect or project confidence and competence in any personal, social, or professional situation. (Think Karamo's role in the new Netflix "Queer Eye" reboot.) 

How Can an Image Consultant Help Me Specifically?

Whether you've struggled with style your whole life or you simply want to turn over a new leaf to celebrate an upcoming life change, an image consultant can help you do this seamlessly. Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to see what you could improve and teach you how to dress and style yourself confidently. Sure, you could look at Pinterest, Instagram, or magazines for inspiration, but they're not going to tell you what your specific needs are or look at what you might be doing incorrectly in your skin care or hair care regiment. 

Thinking about Hiring an Image Consultant?

Francesca Guerrera Salon & Spa now provides a full image consultant service that is geared toward refining your look and having you at your absolute best. Call the salon today to schedule a consultation at 954-523-2772!