Why You Should be Getting Regular Facials

Woman's face is getting hydrated in a spa treatment

Woman's face is getting hydrated in a spa treatment

Facials may seem like an extravagant, unnecessary service at the spa that's only for people who want extra pampering—but there are actually so many benefits to scheduling regular facials at the spa. 

We don't often think about our skin when we calculate the costs of our beauty routine, but that's such a mistake! Our skin is the first impression we give people, and we tend to only think of it when it's already damaged or broken out. 

Facials have many great benefits to the health and wellness of your skin, but here are just a few reasons why you should be booking facials on the regular. 

A Facial Helps Your Skincare Products

You know that giant drawer of skincare products that you have in your bathroom at home? None of those products will make even a hint of difference in your skin if your skin is damaged, dry, or has an uneven tone in the first place. By maintaining smooth skin and refined pores through regular facials, your skincare will be able to do its thing and work properly.

A Facial Gets the Yucky Stuff Out of Your Pores

Even though it's (frankly) kind of addictive to extract your own blemishes or blackheads, this is so damaging to your skin. Getting regular facials means that a professional is extracting all of the junk that's in your pores (which means decreased breakouts). 

A Facial Will Get You Instant Results for a Special Event

Got a special event coming up like a wedding or a fundraiser? A facial is the perfect way to instantly boost your skin's healthy glow or give it a more youthful appearance in just a short period of time. (Warning: if this is your first rodeo with a facial, you might want to schedule your facial a few days ahead of the event to ensure you don't have any adverse reactions to the treatment). 

A Facial Will Give Your Skin a Deep Cleanse

Daily cleansers are great, but nothing compares to the deep cleanse your skin will get when you get a facial. And let's get real: we're probably not spending as much time on washing our face as we should. Deep-cleansing facials make up for our laziness by thoroughly removing dirt and oil build-up without drying the skin. 

During a Facial, Your Professional Can Teach You About Your Skin 

You may know that you have an oily T-zone or that you have combination skin that gets dry at the top—or you might not. Your aesthetician will be able to teach you about what kind of skin you have and how to properly care for it (after your appointment and beyond). 

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