Couples Massage

Couples Massage

What is a Couples Massage

A couples massage is a wonderfully relaxing, personal experience. During the session, two people receive massages at the same time and in the same room from two different therapists. The therapy provides many of the same benefits as other types of massage but with some added bonuses.

Bonding Opportunities

A couples massage is a special, shared experience that encourages two people to bond closer together. Clients may use the session to catch up, communicate and chat, or they may simply relax and enjoy their shared experience in comfortable silence. Even when words are not spoken, the experience brings couples closer together.

Increased Comfort

Unlike traditional massages that are done solo, couples treatments allow clients to experience massage with someone they know at a day spa. This familiarity provides comfort to first-timers who may initially be uncomfortable or nervous about the process. Having a partner in the room makes the session less intimidating and allows the clients to relax more fully. Many clients are also squeamish about undressing but are more comfortable in the presence of a friend or other partner.

Perfect for All Kinds of Couples

Although couples massage can certainly be romantic, sessions are also the ideal time to bond and relax with a dear friend or family member. Mothers and daughters can become closer and best friends can visit while letting stress slip away over the table.

Convenient Coordination

Finding time for each other, let alone massages, can be difficult for couples with busy schedules. By pairing massage sessions with quality bonding time, couples can accomplish two goals at once and emerge relaxed, refreshed and reconnected. The convenience of couples treatments is also ideal when planning a special event, like a wedding or other celebration. Entire bridal parties, for example, can get ready for the big day all at one time, reducing rushing and stress.

Personalized Therapy Together

Every individual has personal needs and goals for massage. During a couples session, both clients can receive unique treatments that address their specific needs. While one partner may experience pain radiating from the neck or shoulders, the other may experience tightness in the feet or legs. Couples sessions allow both of these issues to be addressed at one time, resulting in complete and comprehensive treatment for both clients.

A Healing, Healthy Experience

Massage can reduce stress and muscle tension, improve circulation, eliminate stiffness and soreness, boost the immune system, reduce pain and even help control one's blood pressure. Couples who strive to practice a healthy lifestyle can enjoy these benefits and more together.


This may seem like a silly question to some avid spa goers but for those of you who have never had a couples massage before the answer is no, you will not have only one massage therapist in the room! It would be both disruptive as well as a juggling act to have a single massage therapist bouncing form one table to another. Both of you will have your own therapist who will be solely focusing on you and your massage.



Often times we come across women that come in for their regular massages and they repeatedly tell us that their husband or significant other could benefit greatly from massage therapy, but he’s just not into that sort of thing. Usually after speaking with someone for a few moments we quickly find out that the husband or significant other has never had a massage before and is absolutely terrified of the idea. This is completely understandable. This is one of the best ways to ease your spouse’s nerves and ease him into massage therapy. What we realize the majority of the time is after just one massage they are hooked and cannot believe they’ve been missing out this entire time! They just needed the nudge to see that there was no reason for all that fuss!

Questions and Answers for Couples Massages


Sometimes couples who come in for a massage notice that they end up being distracted by talking to each other and end up not being able to fully zone out on the massage table. This can happen so if you know that you just want to relax, it is best that you discuss that ahead of time and just wait until you go out to dinner that night at your favorite restaurant for some nice conversation.



Do not fret! Most men do not like the idea of another man giving them a massage and especially giving their wife a massage. It’s normal and we often do get requests for only female massage therapist. This is something that you would want to make sure you request ahead of time.