Image Consultant

Whether you're preparing for a special event or simply going out for a night on the town, one thing remains the same: You want to look your best. But finding your unique look is sometimes a little tricky. When you're having a difficult time cultivating a great new look, Francesca Guerrera Salon & Spa has that little bit of inspiration you've been seeking. Francesca Guerrera Salon & Spa now provides a full image consultant service that is geared toward refining your look and having you at your absolute best.

Comprehensive Service Image Consultant

Fashion Consultant Ft Lauderdale

We can assess your body type, skin tone, and style and make recommendations for your beauty regimen. Our experts will also work alongside you to create a wardrobe that highlights your best features. More than simply choosing for you, your Francesca Guerrera Salon & Spa consultant will introduce you to a wealth of options that will help you to develop your own look.

Showcase your full fashion potential

In these types of scenarios, you hire an image consultant to help you with a very narrow and specific interest you have, or to help you complete a specific task with a short-term time commitment.

But if you’re serious about developing your image and taking it to the next level, just one type of service is not going to get you there.  So while you are buying the one service that meets your initial level of interest, the consultant is also going to market and try to sell you on a related service.  In all honesty, receiving more than one service tends to help clients have better overall experiences and results.

Style consultant is another tricky term, simply because many retailers have started calling their sales associates style consultants.  This irks me beyond belief because usually a sales associate in a store isn’t trained beyond doing typical sales associate things- like ringing customers up, stocking the floors, selling and cleaning out dressing rooms.  Style consultant is a made up term that had no meaning in the retail world but some personal stylists use the term style consultant in lieu of stylist. 

Be clear on your needs

This leads me to my next point: Be clear on your needs.  What are you looking to accomplish and what is it that you want a stylist to do for you?  To invest money in a stylist there has to be a good enough reason to do it.  Let’s be honest, everyone loves a makeover and most people would love the opportunity to have someone come in and help them redo their closet.  However, when a person actually picks up the phone and hires me it’s for more than just a “wow, this will be fun” reason.  There has to be a bigger reason, a goal or something at stake. Often, people hire me when in some form of transition or when there is a “cost” involved, that their image and style is playing a key role in the achievement of their particular goals.  For some, the issues have been that their lack of style sense has been taking up too much time and they want to simplify, and, for others, the goals have been to get a promotion, get another job and for far more serious reasons.  Hiring a stylist is an investment, a wise one, but few people will do it unless they really have to.  What is your reason?  A good stylist will be able to hone in on this.