Wedding Hair

If you’re searching for wedding hair ideas, you may have noticed there’s a particular… look that has been prescribed to wedding hair. It’s always long, and requires a certain finesse with a curling iron (or at the very least, hair that responds well to said curling iron). 

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your wedding hair:

Do a trial run-through: You do not want the first time you attempt your wedding hair to also be the day of your wedding. Trials are worth it ten times out of ten, even if your stylist charges extra for them (or you have to bribe your friend who’s doing your hair with extra champagne). You may find that the hairstyle you fell in love with actually doesn’t work with your veil at all. Or maybe it turns out you need to have a conversation with your stylist about what constitutes appropriate hair height (not everyone wants to be closer to God). BONUS TIP: Schedule a trial run for another important night, like a date out with your partner, or your bachelorette party. You get an extra night to look spiffy and knock out the trial in one go.  Also, don't forget to pair your hairdo with your wedding makeup.  

Don’t lie to your stylist: Sitting in the chair getting your wedding hair done is not the time to be all, “Oh, I love it!” and then explode into sobs as soon as your stylist exits. Don’t task yourself (or your friends) with fixing something that the expert in the house could have done easily. Speak up and make sure you love the wedding hair you get the first time around. BONUS TIP: Part of the reason stylists charge more for brides than bridesmaids is because there’s a certain amount of “I don’t like this, can we redo it?” built into bridal hair that bridesmaids don’t get.

Consider the weather: If you’re getting married on a hot, humid day, you may want to plan your hair around it. You know better than anyone how your hair responds to the elements, so communicate that clearly with your stylist.

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